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Masterpieces by Master of Artist - Cao Yong

Introducing Cao Yong's Newest Release Masterpiece - "The Bridge"

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Master of Artist - Cao Yong

Aya Goda "TAO"
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Nasdaq Building in TIMES SQUARE, New York showcasing Cao Yong's "Freedom", "Voice of the East" and "Catalina, My Love"

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Remembering September 11, 2001 (never forget)

About "Freedom"

This painting is about the spirit of liberty, the dream of peace, the universality of love, the power of determination and the hope of mankind. Freedom serves as a monument to our Founding Fathers, fearless pioneers, heroes past and present, who devoted their lives to the high cause of peace and to the generations who have pursued their dreams under the torch held high by the Statue of Liberty (Click here for more detail info).
Master of Artists - Cao Yong
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